Transient absorption of DCM in ethanol


Transient absorption of DCM dye (4-(Dicyanomethylene)2-methyl-6-(4-dimethylaminostyryl)4H-pyran) dissolved in ethanol was measured on a time scale of 15 picoseconds with the time step of 100 femtoseconds.

Transient absorption of phenol derivatives


Transient absorption of phenol derivatives dissolved in 50:50 mixture of acetonitrile (C2H3N) and water was measured. Concentration of the solution was 5 x 10-4 M while the absorbance at the pump wavelength (267nm) was 0.72 per cm.

Croatian Physical Society conference


Mateo Forjan attended a Croatian Physical Society conference held in Beli Manastir, Croatia in October of 2018. He contributed the conference with a poster and a short speech followed by discussions during poster sessions.

Optical Kerr effect in benzene/acetonitrile


Optical kerr effect (kerr gating) was studied in benzene and a 50:50 mixture of water and acetonitrile. With the analysis of data, time resolution of the experiment is defined and reorientational times of the mentioned molecules are qualitatively compared.