Ultrafast Optics XII Conference


Mateo Forjan participated in the Ultrafast Optics XII Conference held in Bol, Croatia with the poster titled ”Ultrafast Transient Absorption of Adamantyl Phenol”.
Key conference topics included:
• Generation of ultrashort optical pulses from lasers
• Parametric oscillators and amplifiers of ultrashort pulses
• Ultrahigh peak-power laser systems and related technologies
• High average power ultrafast lasers
• High harmonic and attosecond pulse generation technology and science
• Novel methods for shaping and measuring ultrashort pulses
• Few-cycle pulses, carrier-envelope phase control
• Coherent beam combining and pulse synthesis
• Ultrashort x-ray pulses; generation, characterization, and synchronization of XFELs
• Ultrafast laser applications that drive technology advancements and innovation
The conference hosted the lecture by professor Gérard Mourou who was awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize for Physics for his invention of chirped pulse amplification (CPA), a method of making pulses of laser light of high power and short duration.